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I was browsing through my back entries looking for an old icon and I stumbled upon a sweet little fic I wrote to cheer myself up on a crummy day a couple years ago. It still works!

A bit of a day (Wes/Angel, early AtS, rated S for Schmoop)

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I wrote a sweet yet sexy Wes/Angel drabble over at [ profile] open_on_sunday.

I do miss those pretty boys. *sigh*
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This one is Angel/Wes and Angelus/Wes, S4 during "Soulless", mature audiences only!

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LJ is being naughty, and so am I. I wrote a bit o' Wes/Angel for [ profile] open_on_sunday's "strike" challenge.
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[ profile] way2busymom asked for Wesley making tea with Angel looking on. Rated PG-13, I guess. Hey, I've now written tea pr0n! :D

Angel had watched Wesley make tea countless times. The ritual was performed the same every time, methodically and effortlessly.

Slender fingers opened the tin and carefully measured the tea in rounded spoonfuls before placing them into the teapot. Boiling water from an electric kettle was then poured over the leaves. As the tea steeped, Wesley opened a packet of biscuits and placed several on a small plate, nibbling on one as he fetched his favorite cup.

The elegance and simplicity of Wesley’s movements enthralled Angel. It also made him hard. Only Wesley could make tea and digestives sexy, he mused.
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A bit of self-indulgent balm in the form of Wesley/Angel schmoop. Little under 400 words, rated PG, early AtS. Partially inspired by Jack Harkness's magic lips. ;-) Oh, if only my bad days could end like this.

Wesley/Angel ficlet )
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Finally, the last of the drabble requests! [ profile] chlare asked for Wes/Angel h/c post-Waiting in the Wings. Rated R, 200 words.

Wes/Angel drabble )
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[ profile] pepperlandgirl4 asked for Angel/Wes and American football and the Hyperion. 200 words, rated G.

Wes/Angel football drabble )
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Written for the "Mouth/Tongue" challenge at [ profile] open_on_sunday. Angel/Wesley, AtS S1, rated PG.

“Wesley!” Angel shouted. Wesley ducked just before the demon’s claws reached his face. Angel’s axe sheared off its head.

“You okay, Wes?” Angel asked. Wesley sat on the ground, looking more embarrassed than hurt.

“I’m so sorry. It was my fault. I wasn’t paying attention.” Wesley babbled as Angel helped him up.


“You want me to go, don’t you?”

“No, Wes, it’s okay.”

“If I hadn’t been distracted you needn’t have--”

Angel kissed him. Wesley sighed with relief.

“You did fine, Wes. You’re not going anywhere.”

“No?” Wesley gazed dreamily at Angel’s mouth.

Angel kissed him again in reply.
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Wesley/Angel sexy schmoopette based on my post about Alexis's untamed Season 3 locks. 100 words, soft (heh) R, AtS S3.

“Mmmm… that feels nice.” Wesley sighed as Angel stroked the back of his neck.

“It won’t go down.” Angel said.

Wesley chuckled and nudged Angel with his hip. “Love that vampire stamina.”

“What? No, I mean this lock of hair on the nape of your neck. No matter how many times I smooth it down… there! It springs right back up again.”

Wesley leaned into Angel’s hand as he continued to stroke his neck. “All part of my ingenious plan to keep your hands on me, that’s all.”

Angel moved his other hand to Wesley’s groin. “Looks like it’s working.”
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Written for the "Dizzy" challenge at [ profile] open_on_sunday. Shanshued Angel/Wesley, rated G.

Angel fell in love with the sun. Wesley warned him of the dangers. Angel ignored him and baked.

Angel didn’t understand the difference between California sun and Mississippi sun in summertime.

Whilst tracking a creature feasting on the residents of a coastal FEMA camp, he hit the beach during their first day. Wesley found him that afternoon.

“Finished, or do you require basting?”

Angel snorted.

“Let’s go. I’ve located its lair.”

“Oh, alright.” Angel stood. Suddenly the world went all swirly and purple. He almost barfed.

Wesley’s cool, safe arms held him and comforted him.

“Sun… bad.” Angel finally agreed.
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Drabble for [ profile] versaphile, who asked for Wesley/Angel and Angel's coat:

Angel had finally gotten his coat back from Wesley on their way to rescue Virginia. It wasn’t until Angel returned to the Hyperion and started to take it off that he noticed Wesley’s scent. This scent wasn’t new to Angel. It surrounded him every day--in the office, in his car--but never had it seemed as personal as it was now, mingled with his own in the fabric.

He breathed in deeply and slowly. The scent was warm and comfortable, masculine yet refined. It was Wesley.

Angel decided to keep the coat on--for just a little while longer.
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I seem to be obsessed with cock this weekend--especially Wesley's. :P So, I wrote this for [ profile] open_on_sunday's "First Times" drabble. Angel/Wesley, NC-17. Schmoop warning too!

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Drabble rec

May. 6th, 2006 12:28 am
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OMG, go read the Angel/Wes drabble that [ profile] margarks wrote for me! *sigh*
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Some Angel/Wesley indulgent, slightly schmoopy PWP just because. NC-17, 200 words. I think the title says it all.

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I think I have one more, then I'll have them all done! I sorta goofed on this one, though. [ profile] funkparadise asked for a drabble where Angel told Gunn that Wesley was his lover and I didn't go back and check the request exactly and thought she used the word "boyfriend", so that's how I wrote it. I hope you like it anyway. I thought it came out kinda cute, if a bit silly. Wesley/Angel and Gunn, AtS early S2, Rated R, 300 words (longest of these so far!).

Discovery )
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No, I haven't forgotten about the drabble requests! I'm doing them as they take form in my head. [ profile] yasminke asked for a voyeuristic drabble based on my DB ass icon. I've substituted Angel for DB. Hope it works for you! Wesley/Spike/Angel, Rated R, 100 words.

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I wrote this fic a long long time ago but never got around to polishing it up. One of my favorite things in fic is snuggly bed time between characters and I've been craving sleepy snuggle fic lately. Then I remembered I had started this. I tweaked it here and there and gave it an ending and here it is. Oh, it also focuses on a body part I have a bit of a fixation on (hence the title)--especially one belonging to a handsome former rogue demon hunter. ;)
Wesley/Angel, barely NC-17, 350+ words.
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From last night's Bones (ta [ profile] killerweasel for da caps) and one from S1 AtS:
1. 2. 3.
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Comment, credit, drool on, whatevah.
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[ profile] entrenous88 honey, this ass is for you:

Here's a blank if you just want the simple pretty:

Both are shareable, btw. Spread the vampire ass love! Okay, that just sounds nasty...
ETA: Look how delighted Wesley is in my 'impressed' mood icon! Wesley knows a fine ass when he sees one! Good Wesley.


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