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Bones, Angel, Doctor Who, Blackpool, John Barrowman, and Monty Python quotes all within.

Twenty-four total )

Bones caps courtesy [ profile] killerweasel.

Please comment and credit me in keywords. *g*
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21 BtVS icons, 30 AtS icons, and 6 Bones icons.
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A little something for everyone )
Bones caps by [ profile] killerweasel. Please comment and credit me in keywords. Enjoy!
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David's lovely hiney in several variations on the theme along with bases, and some other icons I made last night of AtS/BtVS characters. Also some blanks of Dave in Bones, some from the Alexis/Dave icon I made from HIMYM caps.
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More under here! )
Please comment and credit blah blah blah. Bones caps are from [ profile] killerweasel.

ETA: For those looking for the nekked Dave pics, Photobucket has deleted them. Until I find a new home for the files (OMG, it's just a bare man's ass) that isn't as sensitive as PB, you can email me at cheesygirl at and I'll send them to you. Sorry!


Apr. 6th, 2006 07:50 pm
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From AtS, BtVS, and Bones: Willow, Xander, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Tara, Wesley, Booth.
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More! )
Thanks [ profile] killerweasel for the Bones caps.
Please comment and credit! :D
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From this week's Bones:
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Blanks )
Please comment and credit. :D
Thanks [ profile] killerweasel for the caps!
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Six icons from this week's Bones. Muchos gracias to [ profile] killerweasel for the caps.
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Three more )
All shareable, please comment, credit, and ask before altering any. :D
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From last night's episode, caps courtesy the lovely [ profile] killerweasel. These are so-so. My muse is still on vacation.
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Three more )

Please comment, credit, blah-de-blah.
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I'm being very very bad and making icons instead of working on my ficathon assignments, which areduenextweekomg!!!!!!! ::panics::
My procrastination is your gain!
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Wesley, Fred, Spike, Cordy, Lindsey, Angel, and DB and AD in other roles  )


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