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Together and apart, younger and older.

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In light of all the fuss over LJ and the underage thing-a-mi-bob, I've felt inclined to write a bit of my favorite May-December couple, Dawn/Giles. Please take note, all the mature-themed Dawn fics I've written feature an adult Dawn, so no need for anyone to get their knickers in a twist, unless the idea of Dawn/Giles of even consentual age squicks you. In which case why are you even still reading this far? Anyway, this is only PG-13, although imminent sexin' is implied, with a little daddy kink thrown in for good measure. A little over 400 words.

Title: Tea and Crumpet
Pairing: Giles/Dawn
Rating: PG-13
Setting: Post-series England

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Jun. 11th, 2007 03:30 pm
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I wrote a Silly Thing over at [ profile] open_on_sunday. Giles and Dawn, rated G.
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[ profile] petzipellepingo asked for "Spike/ a television/ Dr. Who (any Doctor) on the telly/ Dawn". Here ya go!

Something For Everyone

Spike peeked around the corner when he heard familiar music drifting from the television.

“Somebody spent too much time with Andrew,” he said to the young woman transfixed to the screen.

Dawn huffed. “Like I’d watch those old geezers and tin foil monsters.”

“There must be something that--” Spike then noticed the tall, slender man fussing over the TARDIS console. Dawn’s wistful expression told him the rest.

“Got the hots for Doc, eh pet?” he teased.

“Spike!” Dawn hissed.

“Maybe he’ll… ooooh. Nice arse,” Spike said as Rose appeared onscreen.

Saturday evening was their TV date night from then on.

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What the world needs is more Wesley/Dawn pr0n. Here's some, and it's library pr0n to boot! Rated NC-17, almost 600 words, unbetaed. No library furniture was harmed in the writing of this fic.
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[ profile] disgracelands asked for Wes/Dawn and tears. This came out a bit angsty and enigmatic, but I love Wes when he's in this mad state. Hope you like!

Wes/Dawn ficlet, 200 words )


Aug. 4th, 2006 11:42 am
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Hey, it's [ profile] tinpanalley's birthday! And I have a Giles/Dawn drabble for you! Rated G and fluffy, takes place later in the day after the steamy one here.

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Have a fabulous day, sweetie!
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Y'all might need a cool drink after reading this. I know I do. Giles/Dawn, rated M (from my futureverse, so nobody freak, okay?), 200 words.

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Gah, Tilly is just a lovey dovey kitty today. ::pets sweet kitty in lap::

I've been very fannishly productive this evening. Doctor Who iconses, some from tonight's eppie. Also did a Giles/Dawn drabbley bit over at [ profile] open_on_sunday.

Um, I think I need to go to bed soon.
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I disturbed someone with the idea of Giles and Dawn as a couple, so of course I have to poke the wound and write more of my favorite guilty pleasure! 100+ word PWP from my Giles/Dawn futureverse, NC-17.

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May. 16th, 2006 10:22 am
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[ profile] open_on_sunday's challenge this week is Mothers, which gave me an opportunity to post a snippet of my Giles/Dawn futureverse. This one is Spike and Dawn dialogue, rated G.

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Slight mixing of fandoms, but not quite. BtVS, post-series, Buffy, Spike, Dawn, and David Tennant, 200 words, rated G. David gains a new fan.

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Ah, the last of the drabble requests! This one is for [ profile] clayin, who asked for Xander interacting with "Ripper" Giles. This one was fun, as I loooooove Giles when he's cold and scary and ::shudder:: eeeee! Giles/Dawn and Xander/Spike implied, Rated R, post series, 300 words. Xander finds out that Giles and Dawn are a couple, and he is not best pleased...
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Entrenous... baddirtywrongsowrong Wes/Dawn smut... Wes fingers... car sex... bhhthaaniyebtbugbjjeoooll...

Hands On


Apr. 30th, 2006 10:52 pm
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[ profile] entrenous88 wrote Wes/Dawn naughtiness for me.

Y'all go fuss at her to write more. Scoot! Now!
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For [ profile] chlare. Giles/Dawn and "stuck". 100 words, rated G.

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A bit more Giles/Dawn naughtiness, this time with added library spanking goodness. Inspired by Bitca's comment about what Buffy would do if she found out about them. Please bear in mind, all this takes place well past the end of Season 7, in the little futureverse in my head where Dawn is training to be a watcher with Giles in London, so Dawn is completely legal, yadda yadda. NC-17.
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Smut post!

Apr. 1st, 2006 10:32 pm
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A bit of Giles/Dawn smut I just wrote.

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Wesley/Dawn drabble written for [ profile] open_on_sunday "red" challenge, Rated G, post Chosen.

Wesley didn’t recognize the young woman who strode into Giles’s office so gracefully. She was tall and self-assured, dressed in tailored slacks and a silk blouse. Her lips were full, glossy and red. Things had improved in the Watcher’s Council since his days, by the looks of it, anyway.

He was about to take another appreciative look at her figure when he realized who she was.


The red lips blossomed into a wide smile.

As they became reacquainted, he began to wonder how those lips would taste, soft and plump against his own, wet and red from his kisses.
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My second offering for [ profile] open_on_sunday's awkward Cupid challenge. I've written Giles/Dawn! Rated G, it's really quite tame and sweet.

“Um, thanks for tonight. I had fun.” Dawn glanced shyly at Giles.

“Did you have fun? I-i-it seemed that you did, but… I’m so much older than you I… I don’t bore you?”

“Giles, I’m way older than you, remember? Like pre-history older?”

“In your human state you’re only twenty-one.”

“Old enough. I don’t think you’re boring. Did you have fun tonight?”

“Oh, yes. I… I never expected to feel this way about you, Dawn. It feels a little awkward but at the same time it’s--”

Dawn silenced him with a kiss.

“It’s so very very right.” Giles whispered.


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