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Written for [ profile] open_on_sunday's "Insomnia" challenge. Lilah/Wes implied, post-"Apocalypse Nowish". Rating: Mature.

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[ profile] chlare mentioned wanting an icon of the Wes/Lilah almost kiss that I iconned in my last icon post, but with more of the cap in it. I also iconned the cap after it, which I believe contains one of the hottest kisses in kissingdom. [ profile] karabair loves Wesley's red shirt from Home and mentioned it in her recent fic Younger Than the Sun, so I iconned that one too. Hope y'all like!
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One more drabble for [ profile] open_on_sunday. Lilah, during Apocalypse Nowish. Inspired by looking at my "relieved" mood pic.

From the safety of her office, Lilah watched the fire fall from the sky. It wasn’t often she was frightened. Disturbed, unsettled--yes. Frightened? No.

Everyone at the firm was at a loss as to what was happening. Even the Senior Partners seemed to be out of the loop. If they didn’t have a handle on what was going on, then things were bad.

As scary as that realization was, she was more frightened by her feelings concerning another matter.

She dialed the number. Her stomach knotted when she got voice mail again.

“Wesley, it’s Lilah. Please… please call me.”


Mar. 16th, 2005 01:49 pm
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Today is Stephanie Romanov's birthday, and I have icons! She's so gorgeous:

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Jan. 2nd, 2005 07:30 pm
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I'm just ficcin' up a storm tonight. For [ profile] open_on_sunday I wrote Wes/Lilah stubble fic:

Wesley slowly moved down Lilah’s naked body kissing and licking as he went, his unshaven face scratching her sensitive flesh as his lips found a nipple and began to suck. Lilah caught her breath at the prickly sensation, both arousing and irritating at the same time. She didn’t deny he looked fucking sexy with the stubble, but sometimes she wondered what it would be like to have a clean-shaven Wesley nuzzling her neck or buried between her thighs.

But that wasn’t them. Nothing smooth or clean about their… arrangement. It was a sensation she decided she didn’t want to change.
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I watched one of my favorite old movies today, The Big Sleep. So many classic lines there. Great lines call for great icons, but these have been put in the Buffy/Angelverse:

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Looky! Lilah and layers! PSP layers are still a bit tricky, but I'm learnin'.

And two more from Deep Down that I thought were just pretty. I didn't do anything but crop and lighten:

Screencappy goodness found at the Deep Down screencap site at Freeze Frame.

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Wes. Sex. Wes looking like sex. I get inspired. I icon. I share.

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