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Birthdate:Oct 31
Location:Mississippi, United States of America
Mild-mannered librarian and squeeing fangirl. I'm a total history geek and Anglophile/Britophile, and I like to latch onto different obsessions as the mood suits me.

My main fandoms are Angel and Buffy and Doctor Who, old and new. Any and all squeeage about David Tennant and/or Alexis Denisof is most welcomed and strongly encouraged. ;-)

I make icons, mood themes, and write the occasional fic. I sometimes write or link to very naughty things, so if you aren't of a certain legal age, you have been disclaimered! I friends lock personal entries, but all my icons, graphics, and fic posts are public.

I am a crazy cat lady with two crazy cats, my silly big fluffy boy Jack and feisty but sweet little Mitzi. Sadly we lost our grumpy old girl Tilly in November 2010.

I have made mood themes of AtS, BtVS and Doctor Who characters. The mood theme files are available here. Instructions on installing them are included in the files. If you decide to use one I would appreciate credit on your user profile page.

Unless otherwise noted the icons I make are shareable, but I do ask for credit in keywords and please, no hotlinking! Screencaps I make and post are also shareable.

Interests (113):

alexis denisof, angel, angel the series, angel/wesley, angelus, anthony stewart head, architectural history, architecture, art deco, art history, ats, backroads, bernard black, books, bread, britcoms, british accents, btvs, buffy fanfic, buffy summers, buffy the vampire slayer, bungalows, butter, cake, captain jack harkness, captain tightpants, cats, century of progress exposition, champagne, chicago, cities, classic hollywood, classic movies, clotted cream, cream teas, daleks, dark!wes, david boreanaz, david tennant, david tennant's oral fixation, dawn summers, doctor who, donuts, ebay, eddie izzard, england, english chocolate, englishmen, ephemera, faith lehane, faith/wesley, firefly, fortnum and mason, get fuzzy, giles/dawn, great britain, hands of wes, harry potter, historic preservation, history of medicine, history of technology, hugh laurie, james marsters, john barrowman, krispy kreme, liberty of london, librarians, libraries, library smut, lilah morgan, london, london underground, mid-century modern, monty python, new orleans, new wave, nigella lawson, old buildings, pearls before swine, phineas and ferb, populuxe, postcards, pre-code movies, pre-raphaelites, psycho wesley, radiohead, road trips, roadside architecture, rogue demon hunters, runty mcrunterson, rupert giles, scotland, scotsmen, scruffy wesley, silent movies, spike, spike/dawn, stephen fry, tea, the 1920's, the 1930's, ulrich schnauss, watchers, wesley wyndam-pryce, wesley/angel, wesley/dawn, wesley/faith, wesley/giles, wesley/lilah, wine, wispas, works progress administration, worlds fairs
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