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I was browsing through my back entries looking for an old icon and I stumbled upon a sweet little fic I wrote to cheer myself up on a crummy day a couple years ago. It still works!

A bit of a day (Wes/Angel, early AtS, rated S for Schmoop)

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I wrote a sweet yet sexy Wes/Angel drabble over at [ profile] open_on_sunday.

I do miss those pretty boys. *sigh*
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This one is Angel/Wes and Angelus/Wes, S4 during "Soulless", mature audiences only!

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Written for [ profile] open_on_sunday's "Bar" prompt. Wesley, AtS Season 2, PG.

Wesley sipped his drink and glanced around the bar. Sometimes they came to him, especially when he was in his finest suit. Other times he went to them. The accent piqued their interest, every time. If he did fumble his words a bit, they found it endearingly Hugh Grant-like. It seemed that American women truly liked Old World gentlemanly behavior. They also liked to take him home, where he was expected to behave quite ungentlemanly. He was always most eager to oblige.

The curvy redhead at the other end of the bar smiled at him.

“God bless America,” Wesley sighed.
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I've been informed that today is "Bring Back the Porn" day. Hey, any excuse for hawt smut is good enough for me! My smutty muse has apparently taken the long weekend off, so here's a bit o' smut I wrote a couple years ago that I've been thinking about recently. It's always been one of my favorite smutty things I've ever written. It's Giles/Buffy/Wesley naughty voyeur/library pr0n. S3 BtVS (Buffy is 18, worry not), NC-17, about 700 words. Enjoy!

Here be smut!

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I've written a bit of silly schmoopiness for [ profile] bethynyc's birthday. Giles/Wesley, post BtVS S3 'verse where Wes stays in Sunnydale, rated G, about 250 words. I wrote this quickly at lunch today--I hope you like!

Real Men Love Hedgehogs )

Happy Birthday, sweetie!
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LJ is being naughty, and so am I. I wrote a bit o' Wes/Angel for [ profile] open_on_sunday's "strike" challenge.
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[ profile] bethynyc asked for Wesley or Giles and Jack. I give you Wesley/Jack kilt pr0n! :D

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This is from awhile back, but they just sent out the winners' banners.

AtS icons!

Feb. 2nd, 2007 09:58 am
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It's been a long time, I know, but I made a bunch of icons from my Angel pic files. Mostly Wes-centric, but also Angel, Fred, Gunn, Cordy, Connor, Lilah, Virginia, and Darla.

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Please comment and credit. :-)

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My Drunken!Giles fic, for [ profile] twilightofmagic. This story got a bit silly, but that's just the way it went. You get a bonus drunk Wesley and I hope you don't mind the gratuitous Doctor Who references. I couldn't help myself! Many thanks to [ profile] petzipellepingo for the beta.

Title: It's Never Too Late
Requestor: [ profile] twilightofmagic
Wants: Wesley, a mechano set, a surprising revelation
Doesn't want: Het, humiliation (unless it's humorous)
Pairing: Giles/Wesley
Word Count: 1300+
Rating: PG

It's Never Too Late )

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[ profile] bethynyc asked for Wesley/Ten and comfort sex. More sex than comfort, I guess. Refers back to another Wesley/Ten request she made, which resulted in this ficlet. Post-Not Fade Away, rated M.

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[ profile] way2busymom asked for Wesley making tea with Angel looking on. Rated PG-13, I guess. Hey, I've now written tea pr0n! :D

Angel had watched Wesley make tea countless times. The ritual was performed the same every time, methodically and effortlessly.

Slender fingers opened the tin and carefully measured the tea in rounded spoonfuls before placing them into the teapot. Boiling water from an electric kettle was then poured over the leaves. As the tea steeped, Wesley opened a packet of biscuits and placed several on a small plate, nibbling on one as he fetched his favorite cup.

The elegance and simplicity of Wesley’s movements enthralled Angel. It also made him hard. Only Wesley could make tea and digestives sexy, he mused.
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I wrote a ficlet using the prompt "Our boys are forgetting something" over at [ profile] watcherlove.

Necessary Supplies
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Written for [ profile] open_on_sunday's Memorial challenge. Rated G.

“I… I can’t believe she’s gone.” Wesley said solemnly.

Giles rubbed his shoulders sympathetically. “It had to happen sometime, Wesley. They aren’t indestructible.”

“Yes, I know. But she was with me for such a long time. We’d been through so much together.” Wesley gazed out the window into the garden. “Do you think we could put her somewhere in the garden, where we had so many happy afternoons together?”

“Like a memorial?” Giles asked. Wesley nodded.

“Certainly.” Giles picked up the shards of the shattered teapot. “Then we’ll go down the shops and pick out a new teapot together, alright?”
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A bit of self-indulgent balm in the form of Wesley/Angel schmoop. Little under 400 words, rated PG, early AtS. Partially inspired by Jack Harkness's magic lips. ;-) Oh, if only my bad days could end like this.

Wesley/Angel ficlet )
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BtVS-AtS/Torchwood crossover drabble written for [ profile] open_on_sunday's "Blackout" challenge. Wesley/Giles/Jack Harkness, rated PG-13.

Wesley knew he was in a hotel room bed in Cardiff with Giles. The rest was rather fuzzy.



“We’re naked and I’m sticky.” Wesley swiped a fingertip along one hip. He sniffed his finger cautiously. “Raspberry jam?”

“Don’t you remember?” Giles asked. Wesley shook his head.

“That’s a shame.” Giles yawned. “Jack and his bloody cocktails. I did warn you.”

“The jam was Giles’s idea.” said a voice from the doorway. “He kept calling you his blueberry scone.” Jack picked up the jam jar and sauntered toward the bed, grinning. “Are we having the same for breakfast, Giles?”
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Bit of Wes and Gunn silliness written for the "chill" challenge at [ profile] open_on_sunday. Early AtS, rated PG.

“Wes, we can handle these two vamps, I know we can!” Gunn insisted.

“No, we need to wait for Angel. There might be more on the way.” Wesley argued.

“Come on, Wes, I’ve been trackin’ sleazebag vamps like these for years. They’re loners. There ain’t nobody coming to help them. Let’s get in there and dust their damn asses!”

“Gunn, chill!” Wesley said, exasperated.

Gunn lifted one eyebrow. “Do what?”

“That is the correct term, isn’t it? ‘Chill?’” Wesley asked. “Or is ‘be cool’ more appropriate?”

Gunn chuckled. “‘Chill’ will do, English. Shall we dust these wankers already, old chap?”
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I haven't done this in a long time! AtS Season 3, mainly baby!Connor and Wes-centric, also Angel, Fred, Lilah, and Cordy.

All twelve icons under here )

Please comment and credit me in keywords. (All caps are from Screencap Paradise.)


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