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Bit of Wes and Gunn silliness written for the "chill" challenge at [ profile] open_on_sunday. Early AtS, rated PG.

“Wes, we can handle these two vamps, I know we can!” Gunn insisted.

“No, we need to wait for Angel. There might be more on the way.” Wesley argued.

“Come on, Wes, I’ve been trackin’ sleazebag vamps like these for years. They’re loners. There ain’t nobody coming to help them. Let’s get in there and dust their damn asses!”

“Gunn, chill!” Wesley said, exasperated.

Gunn lifted one eyebrow. “Do what?”

“That is the correct term, isn’t it? ‘Chill?’” Wesley asked. “Or is ‘be cool’ more appropriate?”

Gunn chuckled. “‘Chill’ will do, English. Shall we dust these wankers already, old chap?”
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I think I have one more, then I'll have them all done! I sorta goofed on this one, though. [ profile] funkparadise asked for a drabble where Angel told Gunn that Wesley was his lover and I didn't go back and check the request exactly and thought she used the word "boyfriend", so that's how I wrote it. I hope you like it anyway. I thought it came out kinda cute, if a bit silly. Wesley/Angel and Gunn, AtS early S2, Rated R, 300 words (longest of these so far!).

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Slowly but surely, I'm getting them all.

[ profile] dawnie1970 asked for Wesley and Gunn and basketball. AtS S2-ish, rated G, 200 words. I know squat about basketball, but I did my best! :P
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"My name is Gunn and I've got a gun!" Gunn Mood Theme!



pissed off:

Right click here to download. Instructions and code are included. Let me know if you have trouble downloading the zip file. Please comment and credit me in your user info if you use. Enjoy!

Caps from Screencappiness, Romance on BtVS, Screencap Paradise, Freeze Frame, and some are my own.


Mar. 6th, 2006 07:37 pm
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Written for [ profile] open_on_sunday's "In like a lion/out like a lamb" challenge. Gunn/Fred, rated G.

Just that morning in the diner he had playfully dotted her nose with whipped butter from her massive stack of pancakes. Fred giggled and scolded him sweetly before she dug into her breakfast. The girl could eat.

The girl could also kick ass. She sank her axe into the demon’s skull seconds before it jumped him from behind. Gunn was busy fighting two vamps and never saw it coming. All he heard was her fierce yelp and the thwack of metal on flesh and bone. She smiled at him, her nose now dotted with demon slime.

That was his girl.
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I threw these together kind of quickly and with limited resources so they aren't the best, but [ profile] versaphile asked for some Wes/Gunn and Sleepy!Wes icons. Only one Sleepy!Wes--the site I wanted to use for screencaps was down. I'll work on more later when I can get to my image files.

For now: 1.

Click for a handful of Wes/Gunn icons )

Comment and credit are nice! :)
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It's Friday it's Friday hooray hooray hooray!

This has been the longest frickin' week in history, I swear. I was so tired last night. I did somehow manage to get a little much needed housework done and just before I collapsed into bed my addled brain made two icons. They probably suck but anyone can have 'em:

I have come to a very distressing realization. My pants don't fit anymore! Noooooooo! I have got to control my eating and start exercising regulary again. Lordy, how on earth can I do that when there's yummy homemade banana pudding in the staff lounge left over from yesterday's party? Not to mention cookies, chips, dip, eggnog. Auuuuuggghhhh!

I need to find where I left my willpower. It's gotta be around here somewhere. I had planned to wear my gray striped pants but no, I could barely zip them up and, well, you don't want to know what my ass looked like in the things. So today I'm in a skirt which is tight too in the waist, but at least my ass fits in it. I'm kinda preppy with my white brown and red striped stretch oxford shirt with a cinnamon sleeveless pullover, black twill skirt, black tights and black loafers. I look quite studious and put-together. But I'll probably put someone's eye out if the button goes on my waistband.
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I made another goofy Wes and Angel Wanna Fuck Each Other's Brains Out kinda icon tonight. I am such a silly silly girl.

Up for grabs, you know the la-de-la.

I'm tired. Going to bed now, as should Wes and Angel, if they know what's good for them! Silly boys.


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