May. 4th, 2006

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I think I have one more, then I'll have them all done! I sorta goofed on this one, though. [ profile] funkparadise asked for a drabble where Angel told Gunn that Wesley was his lover and I didn't go back and check the request exactly and thought she used the word "boyfriend", so that's how I wrote it. I hope you like it anyway. I thought it came out kinda cute, if a bit silly. Wesley/Angel and Gunn, AtS early S2, Rated R, 300 words (longest of these so far!).

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Ah, the last of the drabble requests! This one is for [ profile] clayin, who asked for Xander interacting with "Ripper" Giles. This one was fun, as I loooooove Giles when he's cold and scary and ::shudder:: eeeee! Giles/Dawn and Xander/Spike implied, Rated R, post series, 300 words. Xander finds out that Giles and Dawn are a couple, and he is not best pleased...
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Watch out, I'm screencapping again! This time it's Alexis in Sharpe's Revenge, his first appearance as John Rossendale in the Sharpe series. He woos! He schemes! He shags Sean Bean's wife! He wears a puffy shirt and wields both a whip and a pistol! Oh, he wears a top hat too and there are lots of smoldering looks. Fun. Splitting this into two posts of 25 caps each.
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Last of the screencaps of Alexis in Sharpe's Revenge.
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